The Million Dollar Communication Mistake

Over The Last 20 Years I Observed That Some Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Are:

  • Not being responsive enough when a Customer or potential Business Partner gets in touch with them. 
  • Avoid answering Questions or holding a more in-depth conversation to assist the Customer further, not just for the Moment. 
  • Putting Systems in place and follow up communication strategies, to build Relationships with their existing Customers, to increase repeat Sales. 
  • Making assumptions about the Customers needs and wants without asking Questions that allow them to understand the Customer better. 
  • Focus too much on Marketing & Admin Tasks, trying to automate everything rather than taking the time to restructure their Business, in order to become more responsive when they receive a request by a Customer.

Those 5 Points are all Bundled up within The Million Dollar Communication Mistake that most Business Owners make, and it has not changed over the last 20 years, in fact, it has gotten worse.

Which brings me to the next Point, because Business Owners do this, Customers follow suit and do the same.

And these Days, even when I call 20, 30 or 40 Mobile Numbers, hardly anyone actually answers their Phone, out of 20 Calls,
I can call myself lucky when I speak with 5 People that pick up the Phone to hold a conversation, not just make an excuse that they won’t have time to talk
or ask me to call them back another Time, only to then avoid the call.

Why do we have phones?

It used to be to actually hold a decent Conversation, these Days, we use Phones more for texting, chatting, watching Videos or taking selfies!

Gone have the Days where we hold Conversations to get to know one another, which really is a shame because in doing so, in being like this, we miss out on Opportunities and learning more about one another. So, Business Owners and Customers, listen up, let’s change that around, next time you get a Phone Call where it’s not about answering Survey Questions, but really about holding a decent Conversation by getting to know what the other, let’s just do that.

Business Owners, take the time to listen to your Customers wants, needs and ask questions that allow you to get to know them.

Customers, stop hiding behind superficial answers that lead to nowhere land and open up, answer the Questions that the Business Owner asks you and hold a 2-way Dialogue with them.

When you open up you might also find out something about yourself and learn something new and the Person that provides a Service
or makes you an offer of some sort might surprisingly be exactly what you been waiting for.

And if not, you can tell them that it’s not for you, however, one thing that Successful People do is, that they say “Yes” to Opportunities and then figure out later on how they can get it done.

So, what you got to lose if you say “Yes” to a Conversation, and whilst doing so figure out along the Way if what the Service Provider is calling your for is the right fit or not.

Nothing really, same goes for the Business Owners that provide the Service, what you got to lose to make the Time to hold a decent Conversation and not just a Sales Pitch?!

Nothing, not even Time, because when you come from a place of being open, support and care, believe me, it will come back tenfold in Sales
– maybe not as you expected, but you will eventually be rewarded.
Because the Customers will appreciate that you went the extra Mile to get to know them first before selling to them and in return stay loyal to you and refer more new Customers.

At the Ultimate Entrepreneur on 9 & 10 Feb 2019, I will be going into more depth about that Topic and share with all the Attendees,
how they can become their own Hero for themselves and their Customers, by being Heroic.

Have the courage to say “Yes” to change & achieving your Goals this year faster, better and with more love to become The Ultimate Entrepreneur, get your Ticket now.





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