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Learn From 10 International Experts & Keynote Speakers How To Have It All. A Thriving Business, Great Health, Financial Wealth & A Powerful Mindset To Achieve Your Goals.

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From the desk of Dario Cucci
London, UK.

Let’s start with the million-dollar questions!

Is your business the same as the one you imagined before you’d started it?

Are you getting as many clients as you’d want?

Are you spending as much time as you’d want with your family?

Are you yet to discover what being the Ultimate Entrepreneur is all about?

Being an entrepreneur should be a rewarding experience – personally, spiritually, and financially.

Are you burned out, depressed, broke, or unclear on how to jump up to the next level?

Here is the truth no one might be willing to tell you.

  • A hot new marketing trend isn't what you need to make more money
  • An even bigger network won't bring you that many new clients
  • Giving away more free stuff might not actually increase the number of your paying clients

So what is the Ultimate Entrepreneur?

It’s someone who gets lots of clients and chooses who to work with.

It’s someone with a thriving business that makes a lot of money to afford them anything they desire in life.

It’s someone with plenty of free time to spend with the family without worrying the business will crash. They have time for vacations and time to look after their body and mind.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur lives the life all entrepreneurs dream of the moment they decide to start a business.

The best part is… anyone can become the Ultimate Entrepreneur.

However, in order to become the Ultimate Entrepreneur, one has to find a way to balance out the following 4 areas in life:

1. Continuously expanding & optimizing your mindset.
2. Keep learning from experts proven business strategies & skills
3. Learn how to create multiple streams of income to win back time & make money without the need of exchanging your own time for it.
4. Improve and manage your own physical health whilst you successfully grow your business, to avoid burn out and enjoy a high-quality healthy lifestyle.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur Event can help you do just that. At this event we’ll help you:

  • Adopt the right mindset so you can capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way (fail to do this and you’ll keep looking for the magic bullet to success for decades).
  • Implement time-tested business strategies to grow your business, get more clients and make more money (the core principles of business have not changed, and they work regardless of the type of business you do)
  • Adopt an investment model that suits you so you can build income streams that don’t need you to actively work on them.

Imagine the transformation if someone would give you a map showing you simple but highly effective strategies to turn you into the Ultimate Entrepreneur.

Strategies that get results fast without leaving you overwhelmed.

You’d get more paying clients consistently – not people who just want free stuff.

You’d have the right systems in place for a business that “just works” without demanding every second of your day.

You’d take a break from worrying about cashflow problems knowing your business will always provide.

You’d have more free time – so whether you want to go on a family vacation, pursue a side-project, or learn a new skill, you’d have the time (and money) for it all.

All this is possible. And we’ll teach you how at the Ultimate Entrepreneur Event 9th-10th February 2019 in London.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur 2-Day Live Event

After the 2-day event, I want everyone to walk out with a clear plan of action.

I want you to double or triple your sales in less than a month.

I want you to start living a happy and rewarding life as an entrepreneur. I want you to have plenty of time to look after your yourself and be there for your family.

More money should no longer be synonymous with burn-out, stress, or depression.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur Event will help you do all this, we look holistically at entrepreneurship and business and give you the tools to take your business to the next level.

Here is what you’ll learn at the event:

Mindset Training

Thousands of talented entrepreneurs have currently run out of options on how to get to the next level with their businesses.

They’ve got the perfect product. The perfect team. The right knowledge.

But their thinking glues them to a limiting mindset. So despite their best efforts, they are stuck at the same level, losing their companies prematurely.

You’d be amazed at how changing simple beliefs can leave you with more free time, more money, and a horde of customers lusting to do business with you.

I’ll teach you proven strategies to let go of a limiting mindset on sales and customer care – so you can skyrocket your profits and build stronger relationships with your customers.

Health Training

If you aren’t taking care of yourself, it isn’t just your body that will suffer. But your business, family, and relationships as well.

So how can you find the time for your health with the mountain of business tasks in front of you?

At the event, we’ll also focus on this topic. We have several other guest speakers, including Adam Bates, who’ll show you:

  • How to keep the right mindset to wake up every day energetic and looking forward to what you’ll get done.
  • How to adopt effective strategies to maintain a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and follow a healthy routine (even if you don’t see where you could fit all this in your calendar).
  • How to achieve balance between looking after yourself and running a successful growing business.

Business Strategy

Want to discover the proven secrets that can leave you with more customers than you can handle at a time?

We’ll have business experts from the EU speaking on this topic. They’ll be joined by successful entrepreneurs, like Leon Streete, Elena Agrizzi, and Judith Wright, who will also share the business strategies that made them successful.

Here are some of the topics to be covered:

  • Learn how to use social media effectively to get more customers consistently (and save thousands on advertising)
  • Learn how to brand your business to increase customer loyalty and get repeat sales and referrals.
  • Learn how to attract the right kind of clients (not people who’ll just waste your time)
  • Learn how to be efficient so every minute spent in your business counts and takes you closer to becoming the Ultimate Entrepreneur

Financial Wealth

No entrepreneur wishes for a business that feels like a day job (especially the kind that needs your full-undivided attention all the time).

So we’ll also show you how to let your money work for you, allowing you to have more time to live your life.

You’ll discover the investment vehicles you can use to grow your money easily.

During the weekend you will discover how you can manage your money better to have more financial freedom and leverage time.

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Meet Our International Experts & Guest Speakers

Dario Cucci

Dario first learned how to sell in his twenties when he made his living selling Anthony Robbins Events. He has over 20 years of marketing experience and his Sales Communication Program is one of the most highly rated programs that teaches business owners on how to increase sales whilst keeping their existing customers happy.

He is the creator of “The Serve & Sell Masterclass Seminar” and Author of “Turn your Customers Into Profit.”

One of the many international businesses he worked with increased their monthly sales revenue by 300%, after following his communication strategies which are part of “The Ultimate Sales Relationship Program.”

Leon Streete

Leon Streete is known as the “Lead Generation Coach” and international best selling author of “More Leads More Clients”.

He is the Founder of Business Owner Elevation Ltd, a company formed to help businesses create 6-7 figure marketing campaigns.

He helps business owners break down all of the things that work and the tactics that don’t, removing the hype around the big social media platforms and showing you the drop-dead simple strategic approach to creating wildly successful marketing campaigns.

For the past 20 years, he’s been coaching small businesses, creating business content, and interviewing top entrepreneurs for his award-winning business podcast.

Elena Agrizzi

Elena is a certified coach with almost 20 years of experience in the personal development area, and she truly believes that you need to BE before you can BECOME.

She beautifully combines her formal high education (MBA in Clemson University USA) with a deep, powerful holistic knowledge and constant research.

Her special ingredient that helped her to create the life and business she wanted?

She is deeply in love with what she does, deeply connected with her soul desires and with the field of creation, constantly vibrating in super high vibe, love and beauty that generates her reality in life and business.

She helps entrepreneurs to get out of overwhelm and struggle and start thinking big again. Yes, let’s claim the life of magic you so much deserve and want.

Judith Wright

Judith Wright was born and bred in Yorkshire and is renowned for her no nonsense, straight forward approach to life and business. Judith has headed up a Marketing Agency for the last seventeen years, she is also an author, speaker, and adds weight to the statement “if you want something doing ask a busy person”. She currently part owns an estate agency, runs a ladies networking group, and is involved in bio hacking the ageing code in a network distribution company. Oh, and by way of spare time she is currently setting up a company selling chateaus in France under a fractional ownership scheme.

Her mantra for life is, ‘if you aren’t living life on the edge you are taking up too much space’.

Shishir Khadka

Shishir is an entrepreneurial accountant, international speaker, author of the book “The 3 Key Obstacles to faster growth”, CEO of, and founder of Boost Accounting Academy , a center of excellence where dynamic, ambitious entrepreneurs learn and implement HOW to transform their business from poor performance to exponential PROFIT.

Having spent 15 years as an accountant, Shishir founded Boost Accounting in October 2016 as he believed there was a huge gulf between what traditional high street accountants had to offer to the needs of modern fast paced businesses. He is on a mission to make the best use of current accounting technologies to provide valuable financial intelligence which can be the difference between surviving and thriving in the business.

Simone Vincenzi

Simone Vincenzi, known as The Italian Stallion of the speaking industry, is the co-founder of GTeX Community. Simone is the Lead Facilitator of Explode Your Coaching Business, and has been featured on Forbes, The Huffington Post, TEDx, recognised as one of the most influential Migrant Entrepreneurs in the UK and awarded Speaker Of The Year 2016 by the ACPTC.

Fed up with the dirt of the personal development industry that no one talks about, he believes in changing the industry through the creation of a supportive and genuine community of coaches and speakers, helping them creating seminars that converts while delivering incredible value to the audience.

Adam Cox

Adam Cox is the managing director of PR agency the Relations Group as well as a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in the world famous Harley Street. He has worked with CEO’s, celebrities and those that had just tried everything else and almost given up. He is a serial entrepreneur and self-made multi-millionaire setting up his first business at the age of 15. Adam used his knowledge of PR and publicity to become one of the most in-demand and highly paid hypnotherapists in the UK. He has been featured on radio, TV, print and online weekly. This has secured him high profile clients, speaking opportunities and commercial opportunities. Adam is a radio presenter on the UK’s leading personal finance radio station, Share Radio, where his show Modern Mindset features guests that are leading minds in psychology and personal development.

Spencer Lodge

Having been voted into the top 100 most influential people in Dubai, there’s no denying that Spencer Lodge has been making waves in the international financial services and sales industry for many decades. With over twenty-five years experience, he’s personally trained thousands of people during his career and has helped build some of the largest and most successful direct sales forces, delivering expert results for his clients.

For Spencer, winning isn’t everything- it’s the only thing. Once he sets his mind to something, there’s nothing that he can’t do. He’s a devoted husband, a loving father, a philanthropist (who has donated over $1 million for children in Africa born with HIV), an adventurer, a public speaker, a business leader, and an author.

Pete Bell

From a young age Peter always had a keen interest in the business. In his early 20s Peter bought a chain of failing hair and beauty salons with a view to turning it into a profitable business. Peter quickly identified where the business was failing – there had been no investment in technology.  Peter then began working to develop software that could help him organise and run the business more efficiently.

After launching his software for his own salons and it proving to be successful, Peter then opened his platform to other business owners. The platform experienced exceptional growth and achieved global success.

Peter has expanded his product and services portfolio to provide an all-encompassing solution for small businesses that create and maximises their online presence without it being a drain on their time. Everything from teaching them how to create, build and manage their own website, to providing social media marketing and capturing new business, using online tools, during and outside working hours.

Sarah Poynton-Ryan

From a young age, inspired by her grandparents, Sarah always had an interest in Property and business. After university Sarah started on the corporate ladder and worked as a recruiter for one of the world largest recruitment firms. After 5 years Sarah became disillusioned with the corporate way and decided to start her first business “Poynt N Shoot” a Photobooth company.

This business taught Sarah every way NOT to run a business and after just a few years she had had to take consulting work and was in almost £60,000 of debt including credit cards and loans. She needed a way to make “lumpy money” so that she could clear her debt and rebalance her life. In November 2015 Sarah started her second business, a portfolio building service for property investors.

Sarah built this business from nothing and in just 3 years has become one of the most sought after portfolio building consultants in the UK. Sarah believes in a world where we all wake up in a Safe Warm Comfortable bed and so structures investment opportunities and services to make moves to contribute to that world. Sarah teaches “lumpy money” strategies so that anyone can make money from property regardless of their current financial circumstances.

In just 3 years Sarah has gone on to build a group of property companies including a buy to let portfolio, a tent to rent HMO and Serviced Accommodation portfolio for herself and a deal sourcing and packaging business that grows portfolios for other people throughout the UK. Sarah promises to bring a “no fluff” approach to her session at The Ultimate Entrepreneur event and will be showing you HOW you too can make money from a property you don’t own even from a standing start!

Sunny Mahal

Sunny Mahal is a successful Multi Award Winning Property Developer, Motivational Speaker, Business and Peak Performance Coach.

Before becoming a full-time Property Developer and Coach, Sunny found a successful career in establishing and selling multiple retail businesses over 12 years. Most recently Sunny has managed to create a multimillion-pound property portfolio within the last 12 months.

Over the years Sunny has developed The Elite Performance Platform™which has contributed massively towards his success. A framework which he is now using to coach entrepreneurs, celebrities and CEO’s on making the same impactful life changes needed to design the life they want to live. Sunny will work on various strategies with you which will provide peak performance within both the mind and body.

The Elite Performance Platform™focuses on multiple key areas to transform a client’s life, these include working on; mindset, health and fitness, goal setting, accountability and a routine which supports your mental and professional growth.    

Sunny has become renowned in the industry for his infectious personality and energy. He thrives on seeing others transform, achieve and succeed in their goals. You will surely leave with a spring in your step after working with this entrepreneur.

Sunny works with entrepreneurs and business owners to make their business more profitable, helps new startups in getting their ideas to market. He focuses on building a brand, planning ahead, getting systems in place and increasing sales in order for his clients to increase their financial wealth and be time wealthy at the same time.

He is passionate about helping others ‘Design the Life they were born to live’

Unleash your true potential and step up your game with Sunny Mahal.

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Why 90% of Entrepreneurs Are Like Prisoners Stuck on a Minefield

Honestly, being an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like being a prisoner who just broke out of jail and is currently running to freedom through a minefield.

You know exactly where you must go to escape your misery.

But just one wrong step is enough to destroy that chance towards freedom, which in your case could be making money passively, more time with your family, or a thriving business.

Here are the landmines you’ll find in the business world:

The So-Called Experts

I especially mean the ones who are always discovering new hot marketing tactics for you to try. The ones who advise you to work 16 hours per day (leading to burnout and confusion).


As long as you don’t understand the fundamentals of doing business, tech won’t get you far. In fact, it may bog your business down and slash your profits.

Limiting beliefs

Everyone has these, but some entrepreneurs are not even aware. The voices that say, “You can’t charge that much.” “You are not that good.” Or, “Your competitors are better than you.” Learning to recognize these voices is hard. Shutting them down is even harder.

The Butterflies

It’s good to have access to lots of “cool” ideas on how to grow your business. But without focus, you’re going to get nowhere. You’ll end up like the man who spends all day jumping around trying to catch butterflies with his hands.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Some of these things – tech, the butterflies, and even some experts – are actually helpful.

But only when you’re equipped with the right tools to make use of the ammo they give you.

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A $1 Million Lesson that Saved Me from Being a Sad, Poor Entrepreneur

At the time, I already had several years of work experience.

But then I wanted more freedom. I wanted to be my own boss, work however I wanted. Make more money than any job could give me.

Working and making a living from commission money selling for Anthony Robbins seemed like a good idea.

And an easy way to get rich too.

Everyone already knows Anthony Robbins. So all I had to do was splash the name in front of the right prospects, and BOOM, money in my pocket.

But I quickly realized that I was lying to myself. Despite pitching to dozens of potential clients, I made no sale.

In the second week, the trend continued. Having no other job to fall back on, I knew that I would soon find myself totally broke.

Luckily, I managed to make a sale before the second week ended.

In the next few weeks, however, I still struggled to make money. Sales were inconsistent and unreliable.

So this got me thinking.

How were people with crappy products selling more and consistently more than me?

How were they managing to afford flashy cars and fancy houses?

Long story short, through experimenting and learning from the masters, I did find the answers I was looking for.

Having a great product, setting the right price, and delivering a killer sales pitch were all important.

But there were other principles I was ignoring.

And these were costing the companies I worked with millions.

Even worse, most of them were what you’d describe as common sense.

Once I had these principles locked in my mind, I literally started making more sales for those companies than what they had ever seen before. And when I applied them to my own business, I ended up being financially successful too whilst building great relationships with my customers, building my business more through my reputation and brand than via expensive advertising.


For example, with these principles, I increased revenues for 3 different companies I worked for, to increase their yearly sales revenue by over $1 million per year, for 10 years in a row.


Think I was just lucky…?

One of my clients a “Marketing Consultant” who normally took 1 – 2 months to get 1 new client, after she applied one of my communication strategies, she converted 5 prospects into 5 new clients in only 7 days, that’s an amazing increase of 2000% per month when you calculated it all out. All of this happened after she had only 1 intensive coaching session with me.

She also increased her hourly rate from $250 per hour to an average of $750.

And this is just one of several such stories I can share with you.

After learning these same principles, one of my clients doubled the number of clients she could work with in only 7 days. She also increased her hourly rate from $250 to an average of $750. And this is just one of several such stories. If you can apply these same strategies in your business, you too could become the Ultimate Entrepreneur.

These principles work regardless of:

  • The type of business you do
  • The structure of your business
  • The price of your products
  • How good your competitors are
  • How inexperienced you are

You Can Do It Too…

Seeing the transformation these strategies have made in the lives of numerous entrepreneurs, I thought hosting an event would be the best way to reach out to more people.

So on 9th-10th February 2019, I’m hosting a high-impact 2-Day live event in London.

While I have hosted other events before, I want this to be different.

I know you’ve been to a lot of other events before – but trust me, this will have a profound impact on your business and life.

Of course, everyone says that…

However, we take a holistic approach to entrepreneurship and business. We don’t just look at how you can do a specific thing with social media, we look at business as a whole.

We have many different high quality speakers talking about a range of different topics from specific business strategy to your health as an entrepreneur.

9 Good Reasons Why You NEED To Be At The Ultimate Entrepreneur Event In February

If you attend the Ultimate Entrepreneur event, I can make these guarantees to you.

  • You will discover highly effective mindset and communication secrets that have helped me increase sales
  • You will discover how you can achieve balance and happiness in your life and business
  • You will build your own pool of clients who can't stop raving about you and your business
  • You will use automation to propel your business, not bog it down
  • You will set up systems that get you clients on autopilot
  • You will be able to save the money you spend on advertising and still be able to grow your client base
  • You will get out of survival mode and set yourself up for a business that thrives without stressing you out

But Is This Event For You?

After attending a bunch of events and coming back with a notepad full of ideas that don’t get you anywhere, it’s normal to get a little sceptical.

So is this event for you?

This event is for you if:

  • You find it difficult to get clients consistently despite all your knowledge on marketing and selling
  • You feel like you have the potential to increase your sales but are not sure how
  • You feel that your mindset keeps you from succeeding
  • You usually lose your motivation and get distracted every-time you decide to follow an idea that promises to grow your business
  • You are frustrated that other less talented people are more successful than you and you wonder how they do it
  • You work more hours per week just to keep your business afloat and you would like to work less but still be able to grow your business

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